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Real estate photography Sydney: Making every square foot count
Now, what would you do if you can’t control the outside weather or time of your shoot? Professional real estate photographers find themselves in need of techniques to expand what space they are faced with on a shoot, because in real estate the bigger, the better!

• Make most of what little space is available to you; prospective buyers viewing the photos will make the decision to visit the estate based on how good your pictures make the house appear. You need to ensure that furniture in the rooms doesn’t obscure the hallways, so make sure the floor is clear and open.

• Area rugs tend to break up the floor space; hence it is best to roll them away as they can make the rooms look smaller. Large furniture can also put off buyers as it makes the room look smaller in comparison.

• If the house you’re photographing is uninhabited, it is a good idea to bring some furniture in, as it can help buyers imagine how their furniture will look in the new place. This is because empty rooms tend to look smaller while furnished spaces can look larger and appealing.

• Using mirrors to reflect more of a room, making it seem larger is also a useful trick. Most of the times, you see people using this to photograph bathrooms.

• Brightly lit rooms can look larger than they really are while dark rooms appear smaller; you can place lamps from the room next door in the room you’re photographing. Putting them the floor under the camera works as well, but you must bring extension cords with you.

• Ensuring that you are armed with your own set of floods (even normal halogen work lamps) is a good idea. You can use them behind the scenes to give your shoot a bright light source; however be careful because they tend to heat up real quick and might start a small fire if you’re using strong floods.

There’s a radical shift occurring in the real estate photography Sydney, with consumers demanding visually appealing real estate. This is making real estate photographers indispensible to the industry!