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Handling your camera settings in corporate photography Sydney

Most amateur photographers use their camera setting without giving it much thought. This is exactly the mistake you want to avoid making. I generally use 2 settings, for flash and dim light photography. There are a few major differences between them and I would like to tell you about them for future reference.

When it comes to RAW versus JPEG, I use RAW for corporate photography Sydney. In order to not change the settings I let the white balance remain in auto mode I fix it during post-processing. I usually turn off the beep on my camera as the noise irritates me. I leave most of the other settings in their default mode, save a few:

1) The Camera Mode

Manual mode works best for flash photography; you can modify the shutter speed as per your requirement getting you the light you need. I use the aperture priority mode for dim light conditions, so I can control the depth of field by tweaking the aperture.

2) ISO

When I shoot sans the flash I crank up the ISO to maximum, which is about 3200 on an FX and 800 on a DX the shutter speed being 1/50th of a second. At times when I use the flash I set ISO to 200 the bare minimum. You can always increase it in situations that need it.

3) Composition and Background

The composition lets you get a little creative in your pictures you can use it to make your photographs move away from the traditional style in which all the guests are in the center of the frame. Go for something different and be light on your feet, move around and get various positions and backgrounds for your subjects.

Backgrounds can be tricky especially when guests keep moving around; however, if you see a background with a nice back light, politely ask the guests to move to it so as to best capture them, they will oblige.

So get out there and photograph the event at hand to your best ability and you will surely succeed in establishing yourself as a true professional in the field of corporate photography Sydney.